University of Limerick’s Research Profile

The University of Limerick is a distinctive, pioneering and connected university that shapes the future through educating and empowering people to meet the real challenges of tomorrow. 

At the time of profound and rapid societal change and a significant evolution in the role of universities, UL continues to deliver innovative teaching, create better learning experience for our students, undertake world-class research and make ever-stronger contributions to meeting Ireland’s needs. We can currently boast the best completion rates in the country and, even more importantly in these present times, UL has the best employment rates after graduation, a record of which we are very proud. UL also attracts a significant number of international students each year contributing to the internationalisation of our campus.

This University offers excellent academic programmes, undergraduate, (complemented by our Cooperative Education programme), full- and part-time postgraduate programmes and research opportunities. We are widely recognised as leaders in the commercialisation of research and in delivering value-added benefits to the wider community.

Broadening Horizons

The University’s Strategic Plan “Broadening Horizons” commits the University to firmly establish our reputation as a research-led University that delivers excellent research that makes an impact. The University’s research strategy (2016-2020) is designed around the following goals:

  1. To achieve research of the highest quality
  2. To have an impact that yields economic, social and cultural dividends
  3. To support and develop our staff and ecosystem
  4. To enhance our international reach