Karrina McNamara


Karrina is an Instrument Scientist at the Bernal Institute. In 2014 she graduated with a PhD in Material Surface Characterisation from the University of Limerick under the supervision of [...]

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Rory Nunan


Rory is a Laboratory attendant at the Bernal Institute.  He holds an honours degree in Herbal Science and has a great appreciation for herbal pharmacy.  He has a keen [...]

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Vasily Lebedev


Vasily is an Instrument Scientist at the Bernal Institute, responsible for TEM measurements, corresponding user trainings and maintenance. He received a B.Sc. in Materials Science at Lomonosov Moscow State [...]

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Garry Warren


Garry is as an R+D Technician with a background in tool making, die casting and R+D. He has in excess of ten years’ experience working with Principle Investigators at [...]

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Fathima Laffir


Fathima is an Instrument Scientist at the Bernal Institute. She received her Graduate Certificate in Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry in Sri-Lanka followed by a PhD (2007) in Surface [...]

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Sergey Beloshapkin


Sergey is an Instrument Scientist at the Bernal Institute. He received his Graduate Certificate in Chemistry at Novosibirsk State University in Russia followed by a PhD (2000) in Chemical Kinetic [...]

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Wynette Redington


Wynette (BSc, MSc, PhD, BA) has been a staff member at the MSSI (now part of the Bernal Institute) since 2004.  She has a BSc in Materials and Production Engineering [...]

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Dermot O’Hanlon


Dermot is Lab Attendant for the Bernal Institute since 2016. He was formerly the biochemist trainer in Beckman Coulter and has also worked as a chemical manufacturing technician with Heraeus Ireland and Chemifloc Ltd. [...]

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