Prof. Ursel Bangert

Bernal Chair of Microscopy and Imaging

Dr Finola Cliffe

Stokes Laboratories

Dr Maurice Collins

Bernal Vice-Lead of Composite Materials

Dr Anthony Comer

Researcher (Composites/ Mech Eng)

Dr Jakki Cooney

Life Sciences

Dr Ronan Courtney

Fluid Dynamics and Heat

Dr Denise Croker

Chemical & Environmental Science

Dr Teresa Curtin

Environmental Science

Dr Tara Dalton

Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Mark Davies

Professor of Engineering Science

Dr Vanessa Egan

Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Dick Fitzgerald

Agricultural and Biological Sciences , Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Dr Patrick Frawley


Dr Andreas Grabrucker

Lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences

Dr Ronan Grimes

Fluid Dynamics & Heat

Dr Sarah Hayes

SSPC Education and Public Engagement Officer

Prof. Kieran Hodnett

Crystallisation of Pharmaceutical Compounds

Dr Sarah Hudson

Chemical & Environmental Science

Prof. Jacques Huyghe

Bernal Chair of Biomedical Engineering

Dr Tadhg Kennedy

Chemical Sciences

Dr Patrick Kiely

Graduate Entry Medical School

Dr Witold Kwapinski

Chemical & Environmental Science

Prof. J.J. Leahy

Polymers/Adhesives & Biofuels

Dr Ning Liu

Physics & Energy

Dr Robert Lynch

Physics & Energy

Prof. Edmond Magner

Dean, Science and Engineering

Dr Ioannis Manolakis

Co-Investigator & Project Manager
IComp Research Coordinator

Prof. Conor McCarthy

Mechanical, Aeronautical & Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Michael McCarthy

Chair of Aeronautical Engineering

Dr Kieran McGourty

Lecturer in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Dr Terry McGrail

Director of Irish Composites Centre (IComp)

Dr John Mulvihill

Biomedical Enginneering

Dr David Newport

Process and Biomedical applications for Microfluids

Prof. William O'Connor

Professor of Physiology

Prof. Noel O'Dowd

Chair of Mechanical Engineering

Dr Tom O'Dwyer

Chemical and Environmental Sciences

Dr Ronan O'Higgins

Mechanical, Aeronautical & Biomedical Engineering

Dr Emmet O'Reilly

Chemcial & Environmental Sciences

Dr Luis Padrela

Pharmaceutical Engineering and Crystallisation

Prof. Tony Pembroke

Chair in Industrial Biochemistry

Prof. Jeff Punch

Heat Transfer

Prof. Ake Rasmuson

Chemical & Environmental Science

Dr Fernando Rhen

Nanoscale Physics & Energy

Prof. Jeremy Robinson

Mechanical Aeronautical & Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Kevin M Ryan

Chemical & Environmental Science

Dr Urzala Salaj-Kosla

Chemical & Environmental Science

Dr Christophe Silien

Lecturer in Nanoscience

Prof. Tewfik Soulimane

Structural Biologist

Dr Walter Stanley

Mechanical Aeronautical & Biomedical Engineering

Dr Andy Stewart

Physics & Energy

Prof. Tofail Syed

Physics & Energy

Dr David Tanner

Design & Manufacturing Technology

Dr Damien Thompson

Physics & Energy

Dr Peter Tiernan

Course Director Science and Technology Studies

Prof. Harry EA Van den Akker

Bernal Chair of Fluid Mechanics

Prof. Luuk Van der Wielen

Bernal Institute Director
Bernal Chair of Biosystems Engineering and Design

Prof. Gavin Walker

Bernal Chair of Pharmaceutical Powder Engineering

Prof. Gary Walsh

Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals

Prof. Michael Walsh

Mechanical Aeronautical & Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Paul Weaver

Bernal Chair Composite Materials And Their Structures

Prof. Trevor Young

Mechanical Aeronautical & Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Michael Zaworotko

Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering
Science Foundation of Ireland Research Professor