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Office: AD2-014,

Analog Devices Building

University of Limerick


Research and Teaching Interests

  • Multi-scale/ multi-layer modelling of multiphase systems (CFD, CRE and machine learning)
    • Flows with phase change: Cavitation and Crystallisation
    • Ensemble approaches: machine learning + phenomenological models


  • Development of fluidic devices without moving parts
    • Vortex diode, Fluidic oscillators, Screw mixers, Intensified reactors


  • Enhancing performance of multiphase reactors
    • Stirred reactors, tubular reactors (pinched tubes), planar reactors


  • Developing applications & processes
    • Modular, intensified and continuous processes: diazotisation, hydrogenation, equilibrium limited reactions
    • Droplets (emulsions) and particles (crystals, nano-particles, catalysts)
    • Valorisation of biomass: energy, chemicals, materials (fibres)
    • Water & environment: dis-infection of water, advanced oxidation processes, S removal from fuels

Vivek Ranade

Vivek Ranade is a Bernal Professor of Process Engineering at Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, Ireland and Professor of Chemical Engineering at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. His research focus is on developing insights, innovations & intensified solutions for sustainable energy, water and chemicals. He uses computational flow modelling, hydrodynamic cavitation and MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified & continuous) processes to achieve this. Before moving to Ireland, he led chemical engineering at CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India. He has contributed significantly to chemical engineering science and practice. He has developed several performance enhancement solutions, software products and fluidic devices for variety of applications which are commercialized. He developed new insights and methodologies for process intensification.

He is an Associate Editor of ‘Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research’ and serves on editorial boards of ‘Chemical Engineering Research & Design’ and ‘Indian Chemical Engineer’ journals. He is a recipient of numerous awards including highest Indian Scientific award Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award for scientists under 45 years. He is a fellow of IChemE UK, Indian National Academy Sciences, Indian National Academy of Engineering and Indian Academy of Sciences. Vivek has published more than 150 papers (> 7000 citations, h index=49: from Google Scholar) and 7 books (on computational flow modelling, combustion & gasification, trickle bed reactors, water treatment and process intensification). Vivek is a co-inventor of more than 20 patents and has co-founded two technology companies: Tridiagonal Solutions (www.tridiagonal.com) and VIVIRA Process Technologies (www.vivira.in). More than twenty five PhD students have successfully completed or completing their projects under Vivek’s guidance. Most of these PhDs from the group are working with the leading industries like Reliance, UOP/ Honeywell, Shell, SABIC and GE. Vivek has also trained more than 100 Master’s students and project assistants who are now working either in industries or Universities worldwide.

Vivek has a successful track record of conceiving and managing large collaborative projects with academic institutes as well as large multi-national industries. For example, Vivek conceived & led large collaborative project, Indus MAGIC (innovate, develop & up-scale MAGIC [modular, agile, intensified & continuous] processes). More than 30 scientists working in five CSIR laboratories and their students/ post-docs were participating in this project (resulted in commercialisation of several products & processes besides more than 130 publications and more than 30 patent disclosures). Currently leading a large project involving 12 collaborators from UK and India on valorising sugar cane waste biomass (www.vwainnovations.org). Five out of these twelve partners are industries (two from UK and three from India). Vivek has collaborated and have successfully completed several industrial projects (including with large multinationals like Dupont, Reliance Industries, Invista, Dow, Huntsman, Celanese, BP, Suncor, Pfizer, P & G).

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