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Office: B3-046,
University of Limerick.

+353 61 202491



BSc 1st Hons Biochemistry and Microbiology,
Ph.D. NUIG Molecular Genetics of Microorganisms (NUI Galway),
PostDoctoral EMBO Fellow University of Leiden (Netherlands)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Microbial biofuels
  • Metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria for liquid biofuels. Molecular manipulation of Synechocystis PCC6803
  • Gene knockouts in cyanobacteria
  • Improving carbob flux through genetic manipulation
  • Enhancement of gene expression in cyanobacteria
  • Use of cyanobacterial biomass to enhance process economics
  • Binding of metals to cyanobacterial EPS
  • Metal bioremediation via cyanobacterial biosorption.
    Genomics of mobile elements particularly Integrative Conjugative Elements (ICE’s) of the SXT/R391 group and Ralstonia ICE’s.
  • Microbial stress responses and adaptive genes to damage and heat, Autothermal waste processing (ATAD).
  • Phylogenetics of thermal niches such as ATAD digesters of organic wastes. Safety of wastewater and transmission of antibiotic resistance determinants in wastewater.
  • Biomaterials biocompatibility and novel biomaterials with antimicrobial and anti-biofilm properties.
  • Lipid production from Rhodococcus opacus.

Tony Pembroke

Chair in Industrial Biochemistry
Head of Department of Chemical Sciences
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Born in Kilkenny Ireland. Educated at NUIG – BSc 1st Hons Biochemistry and Microbiology, (awarded Presidents Prize for top marks in faculty) PhD NUIG Molecular Genetics of Microorganisms, PostDoctoral EMBO Fellow University of Leiden the Netherlands, Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry. OECD Fellow Rowett Institute Aberdeen. Visiting Fellow Cornell University. Industrial Experience Industrial Biochemist Glanbia, Genetic Engineer Unileaver -Biocon. Lecturer at NIHE and Unviersity of Limerick since 1983. Research interests, Mobile Genetic Elements particularly ICE elements of the SXT/R391 group, ATAD thermophilic digestion and associated microorganisms, Biofuels from microorganisms, triacylglycerides from Rhodococcus and Bioethanol from cyanobacteria particularly metabolic engineering from Synechocystis. Awarded Teaching Excellence Award at UL and Research Excellence Award both in the 1990’s.Developed and acted as Course Director for BSc in Industrial 1989-2000, Acted as Head of Department 2000-2004 and again 2013- Present. Head of school of Natural Sciences 2016-2017. Mentored and graduated some 36 research students to MSc or PhD by research and thesis. Have supported 3 start up companies from former students. Non work interests include Golf, Hill Walking, Skiing and French.

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R391: a conjugative integrating mosaic comprised of phage, plasmid, and transposon elements
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Journal of bacteriology 184 (18), 5158-5169

Revised nomenclature for transposable genetic elements
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