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Office: MSG-015,
MSSI Building,
University of Limerick.

+353 61 20981


Research and Teaching Interests

Current research interests are in the area of materials, catalysis and adsorption. The work has been funded by agencies such as the HEA, EU, SFI, EPA, Rusual Alumina, IAI, UL Foundation, CES department etc…). 15 students have graduated (12 PhD and 3 MSc students) and 2 PhD students are currently working on these projects. Some of these research projects include
The development of a Pt based catalyst for the hydrogenation of edible oils:
Development of a Pt catalyst for the conversion of furfural for upgrading of biomass.
the development of copper and Pt based regenerable catalytic adsorbents for the treatment of organic compounds in wastewaters
CO2 capture from flue gas streams using a range of solid sorbents based on silica and amines.
Constructed wetlands for treatment of alkaline leachate from bauxite residue disposal areas. This work is being carried out in conjunction with Rusual Alumina, Limerick
Development of supported Pt based catalysts for catalytic combustion

Teresa Curtin

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O’Driscoll, A,Leahy, JJ,Curtin, T (2017) ‘The influence of metal selection on catalyst activity for the liquid phase hydrogenation of furfural to furfuryl alcohol’. Catalysis Today, 279 :194-201
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Madden, DG,Scott, HS,Kumar, A,Chen, KJ,Sanii, R,Bajpai, A,Lusi, M,Curtin, T,Perry, JJ,Zaworotko, MJ (2017) ‘Flue-gas and direct-air capture of CO2 by porous metal-organic materials’. Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society A-Mathematical Physical And Engineering Sciences, 375
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