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Office: MS1-031
Londsdale Building,
University of Limerick.

+ 353 61 233732


Research and Teaching Interests

Development of rapid synthetic methods for substrate grown nanowires
Identification of Li active catalyst materials for nanowire growth
Electrochemical characterisation of Si and Ge nanowire electrodes
Analysis of the effect of cycling on nanowire integrity and morphology
Electrolyte development and characterisation

Tadhg Kennedy

Tadhg studied Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry at undergraduate level before obtaining his PhD in Chemistry in the University of Limerick. He is currently a lecturer in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Sciences where his teaching interests lie in physical, analytical and inorganic chemistry. Tadhg’s research involves the development of high-capacity electrode materials for energy storage devices. His primary focus is on the application of nanostructured semiconductor anodes for next-generation lithium-ion batteries. He has considerable experience in the development of low-cost synthetic methods for lithium-alloying electrodes based on Si and Ge and the enhancement of their cycling performance through morphology control and electrolyte optimisation. Tadhg is currently involved in a large scale collaborative project with the FP7 involving 17 EU partners known as the Greenlion project with the main objective being the manufacture of greener and cheaper lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle applications.

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High-performance germanium nanowire-based lithium-ion battery anodes extending over 1000 cycles through in situ formation of a continuous porous network
T Kennedy, E Mullane, H Geaney, M Osiak, C O’Dwyer, KM Ryan Nano letters 14 (2), 716-723
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