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Office: AD0-027

Analog Devices Building,
University of Limerick.




  • BSc in Applied Physics (1.1), University of Limerick
  • PhD in Physics (Predictive Design of Biomolecular Crystal Piezoelectricity), University of Limerick

Research and Teaching Interests

    • Density Functional Theory
    • Computational Chemistry
    • Molecular Modelling
    • Pharmaceutical Crystals: Modelling, Engineering, Co-crystallisation, Processing
    • Organic Piezoelectric Crystals: Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins, Biominerals
    • Characterisation of Piezoelectric Materials
    • Crystal Growth
    • Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Materials
    • Eco-Friendly Sensing and Energy Harvesting
    • Science Education and Outreach
    • Solid State Physics
    • Physics of Solids
    • Measurement & Properties of Matter

Sarah Guerin

Dr Sarah Guerin is the Principal Investigator for the newly-established Actuate Lab in the Department of Physics and Bernal Institute in the University of Limerick, Ireland. She currently works on both in-silico and ex-silico engineering of biomolecular crystals, primarily for application areas in eco-friendly sensing and pharmaceuticals. Sarah has been successful in securing €2M of funding from Science Foundation Ireland and the European Research Council for the development of organic piezoelectric device components.

She currently works with a large number of international research groups as a world-leader in computationally predicting the electromechanical properties of novel molecular crystals.

She has been awarded the British Association of Crystal Growth Young Scientist of the Year Award and the IEEE Dilip Das Gupta Memorial Award.

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Chen, Y. & Guerin, S., Yuan, H., O’Donnell, J., Xue, B., Cazade, P. A., … & Gazit, E. (2022). Guest Molecule-Mediated Energy Harvesting in a Conformationally Sensitive Peptide–Metal Organic Framework. Journal of the American Chemical Society144(8), 3468-3476. link

Kiely, E., Zwane, R., Fox, R., Reilly, A. M., & Guerin, S. (2021). Density functional theory predictions of the mechanical properties of crystalline materials. CrystEngComm23(34), 5697-5710. link