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Orest Shardt

Dr. Orest Shardt is a lecturer in fluid mechanics and transport processes in the Bernal Institute and School of Engineering since September 2016. He received his BSc in Chemical Engineering (computer process control specialisation) and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada). He then held an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University (USA). 

 With a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, mining, agriculture, and water treatment industries, Dr. Shardt’s research examines interfacial phemomena in multiphase flows. Examples include flows driven by variations in surface tension (due to, for example, non-uniform temperature or surfactant concentration) and electrokinetic phenomena (such as electro- and diffusiophoresis). He also works on topics involving solid suspensions, liquid-liquid emulsions, sprays, jets, and bubbly flows. 

Dr. Shardt often uses high performance computing with lattice Boltzmann methods. He is an author of “The Lattice Boltzmann Method: Principles and Practice” (Springer, 2017, lbmbook.com). Sample parallel codes (OpenMP, MPI, and GPU) are available at code.lbmbook.com 

Undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in these areas are encouraged to inquire by email about opportunities for research projects.