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Mike Pomeroy RIP

Michael Pomeroy was Emeritus Professor of Materials Science & Technology at the University of Limerick. As an academic at the University, he carried out research in high temperature corrosion and corrosion resistant coatings, the development and testing of metallic and ceramics materials, including those used in Diesel Particulate Filters. He was also active in the development of silicon nitride and sialon ceramics and related glasses with his more recent research work targeting aluminosilicate glasses containing fluorine and nitrogen and determining how glass structure and properties are affected by cation and anion substitutions. In addition, Michael worked throughout his career with Manufacturing Industry. His last projects investigated: the design of in drug nebulisers and characterisation of materials used in them (Aerogen, Galway) and the development of microstructure in braze repaired gas turbine components (Lufthansa Technik Turbine Shannon). 

Prior to retiring, Michael developed Masters programmes and taught elements for PhD programmes in Materials Science & Materials Engineering at the University of Limerick. A key component of the taught elements was the understanding and use of high calibre instrumentation to analyse materials over a wide range of length scales (fine structure to grain structure).     

Michael edited 2 books and was Editor in Chief of Encyclopedia of Materials Science: Technical Ceramics and Glasses. He also acted as section editor (Ceramics section) for the Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering. He published nearly 200 papers in Journals and Conference proceedings. He was conferred as a Fellow of the European Ceramic Society. Michael worked with many collaborators in Europe, the US and Japan and has collaborated throughout his career with Limerick colleague Prof. S. Hampshire.