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Office: MSB-016

+353 61 237741

Dermot.ohanlon@ul.ie, bernallabs@ul.ie

Dermot O’Hanlon

Dermot is Lab Attendant for the Bernal Institute since 2016. He was formerly the biochemist trainer in Beckman Coulter and has also worked as a chemical manufacturing technician with Heraeus Ireland and Chemifloc Ltd.

He has 14 years experience working in clinical diagnostic manufacturing/analysis along with chemical processing and testing.

His responsibilities include routine maintenance of Bernal laboratory equipment e.g. UV-vis spectrometer, water deionisers and stills, NMR liquid nitrogen refills, central piped lab gas supply, checks on safety equipment and first aid kits, equipment moves/relocations, routine setup and commissioning of lab instruments and organising chemical, biological and glass waste disposal.