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Research and Teaching Interests

  • The research is primarily focused on crystallization of pharmaceutical molecules. The work includes the fundamentals of nucleation and growth kinetics, polymorphs and cocrystals, and agglomeration. The work also includes manufacturing of nanocrystals, tailoring of crystal size distributions, influence of impurities and purification, population balance modelling, determination and prediction of solubilities and separation of enantiomers.
  • Further areas of interest includes the hydrodynamics of agitated tanks, separation and utilization of biogas, and recovery of rare earthe elements (REE) from industrial waste and spent consumer products.

Ake Rasmuson

Additional Links

Yu, Z. Y.,Rasmuson, A. (2000) Characterization and rotation symmetry of the impeller region in baffled agitated suspensions. 10th European Conference on Mixing.

Cheuk, D,Svard, M,Seaton, C,McArdle, P,Rasmuson, AC (2015) ‘Investigation into solid and solution properties of quinizarin‘. Crystengcomm, 17 :3985-3997.