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The Bernal has over 400 researchers and support staff with 67 internationally recognized academics and principal investigators leading in driving scientific progress to strengthen the Irish and European economies with a commitment to delivering value in the areas of Health, Energy and the Environment.

The facilities and academic resources are accessible to work on specific industry projects through a contract research agreement. (for information on University type agreements). Through this type of agreement the Institute researcher is contracted to work on your specific scoped problem. The resulting Intellectual property is unless otherwise desired by you, licensed to you the Industry partner for use in your field of use.

Some Areas we engage in contract research:

  • FMEA – Processing Anomalies – We support in a range of ways through onsite consultancy and in lab development. We can work with powder, liquid, gas and solid. From raw warehouse material to user we can support your material challenges.
  • Research Technology Accelerator – Projects that would otherwise require new hires to realise technology gaps can be done inline and remove the knowledge gap. Learn & Develop with your hires educating with your people an inline technology development solution. With a longer term vision Industry can acquire the advanced student through a PhD program or Post Doctoral hire as your research or project evolves.

Materials is our business.

To find out more please contact our business development team – Bernal Enterprise Services 

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