FIBRESHIP is an innovation project with a budget of €11 million, of which €9 million are funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The project intends to fill the various technology and knowledge gaps, and demonstrate the feasibility of using FRP materials in the three vessels categories: light merchant ships, passenger transport and leisure ships and special service vessels.

The project will develop a comprehensive guide covering design issues and approaches within those three categories that will form the basis for future guides and regulations for all ship types.  In order to complete this task, representative ships for each category will be designed: a container ship, a ferry and an oceanographic ship.


Dr Anthony Comer

UL Principal Investigator For Fibreship
Lecturer in SoE

Anthony joined the Irish Composites Centre hosted by UL in 2009, to work on polymer composite materials, after previously working in the Structural Dynamics Group at the University of Oxford.  The increasing demand for lightweight tailorable polymer composite materials in industry and the transport sector in particular requires significant improvements in the efficiency of industrial manufacturing techniques and the compatibility of materials with these processes.  Since becoming a lecturer at the School of Engineering in 2014, Anthony has secured research funding of over €1.5 million for projects ranging from increasing the percentage of polymer composite materials used in large specialist marine vessels (FIBRESHIP Horizon 2020 project) to improving the compatibility of polymer composite materials with new automated industrial manufacturing processes.  Anthony works closely with companies across Europe to achieve these aims.