YESBernal Coffeenar series Cluster Talks composite materials

Friday, 17 July 10:00

The speaker will be Dr Antony Comer, Composite Materials Cluster

The title of this webinar is

FIBRESHIP – Increasing the use of composite materials in large marine vessels

Dr. Anthony Comer joined the Irish Composites Centre IComp in 2009 as a postdoc after previously working in the Structural Dynamics Group at Oxford University. As a postdoc at IComp, Anthony worked as an experimentalist on various IComp core funded projects including STRICOM, RIPCOM and PROTHERM. Since becoming a lecturer at the School of Engineering in 2014, Anthony leads a number of projects as PI including the H2020 project FIBRESHIP, THERMOCOM (IComp core funded) and an EI funded innovation partnership with VENTAC Ltd.

Cluster Talks

The YESBernal series Cluster Talks addresses several topics of the four clusters in the Bernal Institute to enlarge interaction and connectivity between the individual clusters and give an insight into the research of the four different clusters. One PI of every cluster will share relevant topics with the Bernal community at the biweekly YESBernal Coffeenar starting this Friday with the cluster: Composite Materials.

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