Friday, 14 August 10h00

The speaker will be Bernal Chair of Process Engineering,  Professor Vivek Ranade

The title of this webinar is Fluidic Devices for Process Intensification

Process intensification is intrinsic to better chemical and process engineering. Process intensification may be broadly defined as an ability to obtain better results in terms of purity, conversion, and yield of the desired product by manipulating rates of relevant transport processes and chemical reactions so as to enhance overall performance. For achieving this, it is essential to ensure that the desired chemical (and biological) transformations are carried out in the best possible way that is intrinsically safe and has smaller environmental footprint. There has been a paradigm shift in approach for carrying out desired chemical transformations by developing new reactors and process equipment in the form of novel fluidic devices. These fluidic devices form one of the critical “enabling technologies” for realising process intensification in practice and thereby realising significant improvements over the state of the art. In this talk, some of the promising fluidic device platforms being developed in our group will be discussed. I hope that the talk will stimulate further research in this promising area.

Vivek Ranade is a Bernal Chair Professor of Process Engineering at Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, Ireland and a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Queen’s University Belfast. His research focus is on sustainable energy, water and chemicals. He uses computational flow modelling, fluidic devices and MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified & continuous) processes to achieve this. Earlier led chemical engineering research at CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India. Contributed significantly to chemical engineering science and practice. Developed performance enhancement solutions, software products and fluidic devices for variety of applications which are commercialized. Developed new insights and methodologies for process intensification. Published more than 150 papers and 6 books (h index=51: from Google Scholar). Co-inventor of more than 20 patents. Co-founded two technology companies: Tridiagonal Solutions ( and VIVIRA Process Technologies ( More information may be found at:;

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