Friday, 28 August 10h00

The speaker will be Bernal Physicist, Dr Andrew Stewart

The title of this webinar is Adventures with TEM at the Bernal Institute

Starting with an overview of the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) facilities in the Bernal institute.  Then moving onto the 3DED method for solving nano-crystals similarly to how you would apply X-ray Crystallography to macroscale crystals. Followed by, a brief introduction to the automation methods we are developing, through the application of machine learning to control the TEM with the aim of lowering the barrier to entry for new or inexperienced users of the TEM, and reduce the need for expensive training and time typically required to use a TEM.

Cluster Talks

The YESBernal series Cluster Talks address topics that are of interest to all four clusters in the Bernal Institute to promote interaction and connectivity between the individual clusters. Join us for the 4th episode of the Cluster Talks at the YESBernal Coffeenar. Let’s talk about Molecular Nano Materials.

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