YESBernal Coffeenar Cluster Talks, Bio Materials

Friday, 31 July 10h00

The speaker will be Dr Elizabeth Ryan

The title of this webinar is

Targeting of Tissue Macrophages/Dendritic cells by novel biomaterials to modulate inflammatory microenvironments

Dr. Elizabeth Ryan

All immunologists have a favourite cell, mine is the dendritic cell. These cells reside in our tissue and act as the sentinels of the immune response, detecting invaders and co-ordinating the appropriate immune response. I have studied these cells in lung, liver and colon, in both health and disease. Knowing how to activate these cells is important for the development of good vaccines. Knowing how to switch them off is required to treat autoimmune disease.”

For her PhD, Elizabeth studied the mucosal delivery of vaccines; and completed post-doctoral training at the University of Washington, Liver Transplant centre at St. Vincent’s hospital in Dublin, a Marie Curie Fellowship in Sanofi-Pasteur and she was a Senior Research Scientist at the Centre for Colorectal Disease, St. Vincent’s hospital & UCD (2011-2018). Elizabeth joined UL in Sept 2018 to develop the BSc Bioscience programme and to continue her study on how to successfully manipulate the human immune response.

Cluster Talks

The YESBernal series Cluster Talks addresses several topics of the four clusters in the Bernal Institute to enlarge interaction and connectivity between the individual clusters. Join us for the 2nd episode of the Cluster Talks at the YESBernal Coffeenar. Let’s talk about BioMaterials.

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