Friday, 05 March 13:00

Dr Kieran McGourty, Bernal Institute, University of Limerick

The title of this webinar is:

“The Molecular Basis of pro-Survival Signalling during Cell Quiescence”

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University of Limerick Cancer Network (ULCaN): Developing a research focused infrastructure that facilitates project design and development between multidisciplinary teams working along the ‘The Cancer Journey’

Cancer is a debilitating disease and it is a significant strain on families, health care workers and on the economy. At the University of Limerick and University Hospital Limerick, we have pockets of excellent cancer research activities scattered throughout the network. Our researchers are contributing significantly to the understanding of cancer and are integral to projects that are having real impact and influencing national and international policy. Through ULCaN, we are creating an infrastructure to facilitate academic and clinical researchers to undertake multidisciplinary research by providing a roadmap to assemble teams, illustrate mechanisms to facilitate the sharing of information and promote opportunities for project development to build capacity in UL and UHL.

The cluster and its associated activities will help propel the reputation of Health Research Institute as an Institute that can perform holistic disease research. Our overarching objective is to help patients on the Cancer Journey. Our cluster is truly multidisciplinary and consists of 4 overlapping core pillars:

(1) Patient Perspectives

(2) Clinical Trials and Interventions

(3) Basic Biomedical Science, and

(4) Development novel approaches to share information and manage data will underpin these pillars.