Wednesday, 10 February 2019, 10h00, AD2-010 Analog Devices Building


Challenges of Composite Airplane Building


The Wing of Tomorrow Programme is defining the technology and capability baselines for future composite wings for Airbus. The programme builds on the successful evolution and introduction of composite structures in Airbus aircraft which has enabled the over 53% use of non-metallic materials in the iconic long range A350WXB family of ultra-modern jet liners.

The programme addresses future challenges via innovative technology and ways of working which enable an integrated airframe with a massively reduced time to market and delivery at very high production rates. All of this is achieved whilst maintaining an equivalent level of safety for a CS 25 Certified Aircraft and delivering reduced operating costs to airline operators.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the linkages that can be made from low TRL level research to a high production rate composite airframe in a reduced time frame ! Professor Ian Lane will explore how this can be done in a modern, innovative environment and open a window for Limerick students on to the composite airframe of the future.


About the Presenter:

Prof.Lane is the Senior Composite Expert in the Wing Technical Authority for Airbus and a leader in the Airbus Technical Expert Community. He contributes to and leads the design, development and resolution of technical problems with Airframe Structure on all Airbus programmes & future R&D Activities. He served as Head of Stress Engineering for A350 & A400M Wings and the TANGO composite wing R&D programme and as Deputy Head of Stress Function for Wings.

He was Chief Stress Engineer for EH101 Helicopter Airframe at Agusta Westlandand worked as a contract Aerospace Stress Engineer following a Technical Apprenticeship. Born in 1960, he gained his Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Portsmouth.

He is an Innovation Catalyst within Airbus and is committed to animating the Expert Community to deliver added business value. He also has a passion for education and learning which includes dynamic lecturing at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. He is an activist for delivering a gender balance in Engineering and supporting the Airbus LGBT+ community.

He serves as an independent Expert with the EU Scientific Commission and the UK EPSRC and is also President of the Bristol branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society.