Wednesday December 5, 11:00-13:00. Analog Devices Building AD2-010

Karel Luyben was trained as a chemical engineer and moved to biochemical engineering at Delft University of Technology around 1980, where he has grown the Department of Biotechnology to be globally leading in bioprocess engineering ranging from fundamental genomics and biochemistry to industrial bioprocess development for sectors such as pharma, food, chemicals and energy. He has initiated the European Society for Biochemical Engineering ESBES that links firmly to IChemE, DECHEMA and their French equivalent, of which the Bernal Institute now has become a member organisation. From that position, Karel Luyben moved into further leadership positions that have built successful chemical engineering, nanotechnology, bionano science and other departments. His last position at TU Delft was that of Rector Magnificus, where he was responsible for –among others – Talent Development and for the progress of TU Delft in the QS rankings from a position in the 70s to QS 52 at this moment, and 10 QS top 50 positions on specific topics ( is his firm belief that Open Science, especially in a world with increasing and successful industrial partnerships, is a critical component to success. He is now appointed by the European Commission to lead this topic at a European level, and we have the very fortunate position that he is willing to discuss with us in the Bernal Institute how this important development impacts our work.

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