Wednesday 16 June 13:00

Dr Pepijn Van de Ven, Health Research Institute, University of Limerick

The title of this webinar is:

Is Artificial Intelligence the silver bullet, the beast to be slain, or just a very useful tool?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant waves in recent years with applications in areas such as consumer devices, financial services and self-driving cars. The medical field is no exception in this regard with astonishing research advances in AI-supported diagnosis and treatment. With these advances, the limitations and potential threats of AI have also come to the fore, with ethical as well as very practical concerns around algorithms that, in essence, learn from the data they are provided with. Moreover, the recent advances in AI have prompted concerns around the ability of humankind to keep AI under control.

In this presentation, Dr. Pepijn van de Ven will give an overview of the most common form of modern AI, called machine learning, with an emphasis on its application in medicine. Pepijn will give a non-technical overview of how the various machine learning algorithms learn from data and will provide examples of what they can do, but also what they cannot do. Throughout the presentation, it will become clear that machine learning is neither a silver bullet, nor an extreme evil, but, if applied carefully and responsibly, has the potential to be a very useful tool in the pursuit of more efficient health care provision.


Pepijn (Pep) is a senior lecturer in the University of Limerick and course director of Ireland’s largest (part-time and fully online) MSc in Artificial Intelligence. Pepijn’s main research focus is the application of smart technology to health interventions and he has applied machine learning to various physical and mental health applications.