Tuesday, 20 October 13:00 to 15:00

The title of his webinar is:

Find the Impossible
Expand the realms of research with BD Multi-Omics

Quantifying single-cell gene expression at the mRNA and protein level has the potential to reveal novel mechanisms of gene regulation, cell types and biomarkers that have been previously unappreciated.

A powerful new multiomics technique, BD™ AbSeq, allows the analysis of both the transcriptome and proteome, in parallel in thousands of single cells within one assay.
Together with BD Flow Cytometry solutions, informatics tools, BD Rhapsody offers users a comprehensive fully supported end to end single cell workflow.

Join us at this seminar to learn how studies using this workflow can lead to a deeper understanding of cellular heterogeneity between and within different cell types, and states underlying cellular diversity.

What we will cover
• Overview of BD Rhapsody Workflow
• Applications
• Case Study: Single cell Multi-Omic analysis for deep characterization of exhausted T cells

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