Tuesday, November 05 12h30 MSG-024 Bernal Institute

An Efficient Analysis Method for Advanced Lightweight Structures

With the increase in demand for efficient medium sized commercial aircraft, there is a requirement for faster through-put production processes for composite structures. Fibre-reinforced thermoplastic based composite systems offer excellent specific mechanical properties, particularly fracture toughness, as well as opportunities for faster through-put processing methods. In this presentation, issues related to processing large carbon fibre-reinforced PEEK structures by traditional methods will be discussed. In addition, the results of ongoing research into in-situ consolidation of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites by laser-assisted automatic tape placement will be presented. Future work in this field will also be highlighted.


Vincenzo Oliveri is a Lecturer in “Mechanical and Space Design Engineering” at the School of Engineering at University of Limerick. He was previously a Post Doctoral Research Assistant at UL working in the VariComp research group which is led by the Bernal Chair in “Composite Materials and their Structures” Professor Paul Weaver. He holds a Bachelor and a Master of Engineering in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering, both from University of Palermo, and completed his Ph.D. in Composite Structures at the University of Enna. His research focus is on the development of new modelling techniques and capturing the complex responses of thin walled anisotropic structures and the development of new analysis tools that can be used for design and optimisation purposes.

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