Tuesday, 02 April 2019, 12h30 MSG-024 MSSI Building Extension

PRESENTATION TITLE  FIBRESHIP – Increasing the use of composite materials in large marine vessels.


FIBRESHIP is an EU project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme with a budget of 11M€. The University of Limerick is one of 18 partners participating in FIBRESHIP from a total of 11 different countries. While polymer composites dominate the construction of marine vessels up to 50 meters in length, the wide-scale adoption of polymer composites into large marine vessels (> 50 meters) is hindered by the lack of guidelines available for these materials from classification societies. FIBRESHIP aims to increase the use of composites in marine vessel construction by addressing this issue in addition to tackling numerous other challenges associated with manufacturing large composite marine vessels. This presentation will give an overview of the FIBRESHIP project and of the experimental work currently being conducted at the University of Limerick.



Anthony joined IComp in 2009 as a postdoc after previously working in the Structural Dynamics Group at Oxford University. As a postdoc at IComp, Anthony worked as an experimentalist on various IComp core funded projects including STRICOM, RIPCOM and PROTHERM. Since becoming a lecturer at the School of Engineering in 2014, Anthony leads a number of projects as PI including the H2020 project FIBRESHIP, THERMOCOM (IComp core funded) and an EI funded innovation partnership with VENTAC Ltd.

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