Friday, 18 February 2022 12:00

Characterising Biological Tissues for the Development of Medical Devices, Regenerative Therapies, Diagnostics and In Vitro Organ Models


The term biological tissue refers to the organisational level between a group of cells and a complete organ. Such tissue is comprised of numerous large molecules that combine to support the resident cells, while also containing numerous small molecules that influence cellular processes. This presentation describes how the characterisation of vascular, urethral and cancerous biological tissues, using a variety of techniques, can lead to the development of improved medical devices, regenerative therapies, diagnostics and in vitro organ models.


Dr Eoghan Cunnane received his PhD from the University of Limerick in 2015 under the supervision of Professor Michael Walsh. He was subsequently awarded a Marie Curie Global Fellowship to transition his expertise from tissue characterisation to tissue engineering and modelling at the University of Pittsburgh and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He was then awarded a Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council Fellowship to characterise cancerous tissue at Imperial College London. Eoghan is also the co-founder of the start-up company Class Medical which was spun out of UL to commercialise a patented device that improves urinary catheter safety. Eoghan is the recent recipient of an ERC Starting Grant aimed at developing in vitro models of the human testes.


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