Friday, 13 May 2022 12:00

Multiphase Reactors & Process Intensification:  Crystallisation Using Fluidic Devices


During this presentation, Vivek will discuss key drivers of next generation process engineering and will introduce the Multiphase Reactors and Process Intensification group at Bernal. For illustrating the overall approach of the group, their work on crystallisation will be presented.  Crystallisation is an important unit operation for separation and purification of solid products.  Nearly half of the pharma products are in solid dosage forms. After discussing key desired attributes of crystals and crystallisation, the group’s work on controlling crystallisation performance with the help of fluidic devices will be presented. Relevance and applications to industry will also be discussed.


Vivek Ranade is the Bernal Chair Professor of Process Engineering at the Bernal Institute, University of Limerick. He leads the ‘Multiphase Reactors and Process Intensification’ group.  Vivek and his group use experiments, computational flow modelling, population balance models and machine learning to generate new insights in multiphase flows, multiphase reactors and process intensification. The group is developing novel fluidic devices, intensified processes and ‘factory in a box’ platforms for decentralised manufacturing, personalised products, responsible resource usage, decarbonisation as well as mitigation and valorisation of waste.

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