Understanding infertility

    Newstalk radio presenter Jonathan McCrea, talks to Reproductive Biology expert Dr Sean Fair about infertility; why poor sperm quality is a factor and a new technology to help IVF.

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      Futureproof Extra:

      Prof. Damien Thompson discuses a new Molecule that will be used for next-generation computers modelled on the human brain.

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        Carbon Negative Farming

        NewstalkFM interview Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering, Mike Zaworotko about a new low- energy technology to remove CO2 from the air.

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          Open Science.

          Seminar by Prof. Karel Luyben, former Rector Magnificus of TU Delft and an expert on Open Science. Listen and learn how to implement Open Science.

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            Towards a Cleaner Carbon Fibre Future.

            Dr Maurice Collins is leading a €4.9m EU wide project called LIBRE to create a cleaner and cheaper alternative means of carbon fibre production using lignin, a polymer found in wood and bark, rather than current petroleum based methods.

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