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Dr. Vincenzo Oliveri Lecturer, Mechanical and Space Design Engineering School of Engineering

Tuesday, November 05 12h30 MSG-024 Bernal Institute

An Efficient Analysis Method for Advanced Lightweight Structures With the increase in demand for efficient medium sized commercial aircraft, there is a requirement for faster through-put production processes for composite structures. Fibre-reinforced thermoplastic based composite systems offer excellent specific mechanical properties, particularly fracture toughness, as well as opportunities for faster through-put processing methods. In this presentation, issues related to processing large carb...

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Professor Pietro Asinari Multi-Scale ModeLing Laboratory (SMaLL) Politecnico di Torino Italy

Wednesday, October 23 12h00 MSG-025 Bernal Institute

Modelling the Impact of Molecular Interfaces Beyond the Atomistic Scale ABSTRACT In this talk, three examples of molecular interfaces, which have an impact beyond the atomistic scale in relevant engineering applications, and how to model them numerically will be discussed. First, the focus will be on the role of water in molecular and nano materials. Molecular dynamics simulations are used to compute the self-diffusion coefficient of water within nanopores, around nanoparticles, carbon na...

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Caleb Stine Virginia Tech Virginia, USA

Friday, 11 October 13h00 MSG-024 Bernal Institute

Interstitial Fluid Flow and Tumor Invasion ABSTRACT Glioblastoma is one of the deadliest brain cancers, with no curative treatments available and an average survival time of <15 months after diagnosis. This is due in part to the infiltrative nature of the disease and complex interactions of the tumor with the surrounding microenvironment. Invasion in the brain follows distinctive routes that correlate with interstitial and bulk flow pathways. In brain cancer, there is increased interstitial...

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Professor Elizabeth M. Topp Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana

Wednesday, October 16 12h00 MSG025 Bernal Institute

Solid-state Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange (ssHDX-MS) in the Development of Lyophilized Protein Formulations ABSTRACT Many protein drugs are marketed as lyophilized solid powders. To develop the product, candidate formulations are evaluated in stability studies that can take years to complete. While physicochemical analyses (e.g. FTIR, Tg) provide information about the properties of the solid, they are usually poorly correlated with storage stability. There is a need for a stability-indicating a...

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Professor Nejat Rahmanian, University of Bradford England

Friday, 20 September 12h00 MSG-025 Bernal Institute

Seeded Granulation ABSTRACT Seeded granulation was firstly introduced by Rahmanian et al. (2011) and is a process of making granules with uniform properties and structure. This occurs when small particles form around a larger core particle and forms a core-shell (seed) structure. The process has applications in the pharmaceutical industry as it allows for even drug distribution through the granules as a seeded granule should be covered in one full layer of the fine particles. This presentation...

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Dr Adel Mhamdi RWTH Aachen University Germany

Thursday, 19 September 12h00 MSG-025 Bernal Institute

Model-based Dynamic Optimization of the Production of Monoclonal-antibodies in Mammalian Cell Cultures ABSTRACT Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) constitute one of the leading products of the biopharmaceutical market with significant therapeutic and diagnostic applications. This has drawn increased attention to the intensification of their production processes, where model-based approaches can be utilized for successful optimization and control purposes. This presentation will discuss how to formu...

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Professor Jiban Podder, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Wednesday, 11 September 15h30, MSG-025 Bernal Institute

Growth of Some Novel Single Crystals from Aqueous Solutions for Optoelectronic Applications ABSTRACT Crystallization of single crystals has developed as an important field over many years, both for basic research and industrial applications in many scientific disciplines. The rapid development of optical communication systems has led to a demand for nonlinear optical materials for high performance in electronics, optoelectronics devices. Single crystals play an important role in the developmen...

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) – 5th Annual Knowledge Day

Thursday, 29 August, KBS, UL

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) - 5th Annual Knowledge Day The day will include topics directly relevant to your industry including the latest research progress with regards to plant cleaning & changeover, process development, control, optimisation and data analytics. Keynote addresses by industry thought leaders and academics Lightning talk sessions detailing PMTC industry led research collaborations with partner companies Lightning t...

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Dr Solange I. Mussatto Technical University of Denmark Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain)

Tuesday, 18 June, 12h00 at MSG-025, MSSI Building

Potential Contributions of Lignocellulosic Biorefineries for a Sustainable Future ABSTRACT The desire to have a more sustainable future, with lower emissions of carbon to the atmosphere, less dependency on oil, and a more appropriate reuse and valorization of wastes, has motivated society to change its habits and develop new processes for the production of compounds that meet its daily needs. Nowadays, the use of all the different components of lignocellulosic biomass for the production of val...

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Dr Seham K. Abdel-Aal, Cairo University, Egypt

Tuesday, 11 June 2pm at MSG-025 MSSI

ABSTRACT Hybrid perovskites of the formula A2MX4, A: ammonium substituted organic cation, M: a divalent metal ion and X: a halogen (Cl, Br, I) have attracted considerable attention recently. Their applications include lead-free perovskite solar cell, optoelectronic, exitonic and self-assembly quantum well. The properties of these hybrid perovskites OIHs are functions of A, M and X and there are possibilities to tailor the structure, physical and chemical properties according to the technologica...

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