Congratulations to all the students conferred this week from the University of Limerick. Thirteen graduates from the faculty of Science_Engineering UL carried out their doctorate research at the Bernal Institute, along with three MSc graduates,  they are:

Dr Mohammad Ansari

Thesis:                                    Design Considerations for Buckling of Composite Cylindrical Shells on Elastic Foundations

Supervisors:                         Prof. Paul Weaver / Dr Giovanni Zucco

Dr Indraneel Roy Chowdhury

Thesis:                                    Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Properties and Failure Mechanisms of a Non-Crimp Basalt Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite

Supervisors:                         Dr Anthony Comer / Prof. Noel O’Dowd

 Dr Molly Haskins

Thesis:                                    Design, Synthesis and Properties of Pharmaceutical Cocrystals

Supervisor:                           Prof. Michael Zaworotko

 Dr Rob Lehane  

Thesis:                                    Electrosynthesis of PEDOT Films at the Liquid/Liquid Interface between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions

Supervisors:                         Prof. Mícheál Scanlon / Prof. Edmond Magner

 Dr Siobhan O’Connor   

Thesis:                                    Synthetic Considerations for Electrochemiluminescent Nano-Luminophores for Point of Care Biosensing

Supervisor:                           Dr Emmet O’Reilly

 Dr Daniel O’Hearn

Thesis:                                    A Taxonomic Approach to Crystal Engineering of Coordination Polymers: From Design to Application

Supervisor:                           Prof. Michael Zaworotko

 Dr Philip  Poillot

Thesis:                                    The Strain Generated Potential in the Intervertebral Disc: Underlying Mechanisms and the Cell Response

Supervisor:                           Prof. Jacques Huyghe

 Dr  Aoibhín Ryan 

Thesis:                                    The Pharmaceutical Development of the Bacteriocin Lacticin 3147 into a Next Generation Antibiotic

Supervisors:                         Prof. Sarah Hudson / Prof. Damien Thompson

 Dr Kim Leah Shortall

Thesis:                                    Investigation of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase from Thermus Thermophilus: Biochemical Characterisation and Use in Biocatalytic Enzymatic Reactors

Internal Supervisors:         Prof. Edmond Magner / Prof. Tewfik Soulimane

 Dr Samuel Solomon   

Thesis:                                    Natural and Novel Excipients for Advanced Therapeutics: Engineering Composite Particles for Superior Product Quality

Supervisors:                         Dr Ahmad B. Albadarin / Prof. Gavin Walker

Chair:                                     Dr Ning Liu

Dr Dylan Storan 

Thesis:                                    The Synthesis of Silicon and Germanium Nanowires for Energy Storage and Single Nanowire Devices

Supervisors:                         Prof. Kevin M. Ryan / Dr Hugh Geaney

 Dr Liam Whitmore

Thesis:                                    Investigating the Impact of Fibropapillomatosis on Sea Turtles: The Role Played by Chelonid Alphaherpesvirus 5 and the Use of Environmental DNA

Supervisor:                           Dr Elizabeth Ryan

 Dr Yongliang Zhang

Thesis:                                    Vertically Aligned, Interface Modified CdSe/CdS Nanorods for High-Efficiency Light-Emitting Diodes Application

Internal Supervisors:         Dr Ning Liu / Prof. Christophe Silien


 Niall Coughlan, supervisor:  Ning Liu

Padraig Fitzmaurice, supervisors Gavin Walker and Ehab Romeih

Neil Mulcahy,  supervisor Uschi Bangert