More than 120,000 students have graduated from University of Limerick in our 50 year history.

Congratulations to the 3,300 alumni who graduated from UL this week.   Ten graduates from the faculty of Science_Engineering UL carried out their doctorate research at the Bernal Institute, they are:

Dr Spyridon Alexandratos
Thesis: Numerical Modelling and Experimental Study of the Welding Process in P91 Martensitic Steel
Internal Supervisor: Prof. Noel O’Dowd / Dr Ronan O’Higgins

Dr Aileen Bowen Perez
Thesis: Design Considerations in Composite Flexible Hinges with Circular and Aerofoil Cross-Sections
Internal Supervisors: Prof. Paul Weaver / Dr Giovanni Zucco

Dr Adrien Mouchard
Thesis: Key Factors for Laser Metal Deposition of Ni-based Superalloy Thin-Walled Structures
Internal Supervisors: Dr David Tanner / Prof. Michael Pomeroy / Prof. Jeremy Robinson

Dr Noel O’ Sullivan M. Eng, PhD O’Sullivan
Thesis: Development of Sustainable Investment Casting Production Techniques for Biomedical Castings through Ceramic Shell Development
Internal Supervisor: Dr David Tanner

Dr William Scalbert
Thesis: Development of a Polishing Process for Polycrystalline Diamond with High-Power Ultrashort Pulse Infrared Laser
Internal Supervisor: Dr David Tanner

Dr Chiara Alessia De Benedictis, PhD
Thesis: The Role of Zinc and Zinc Transporters in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Internal Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Grabrucker

Dr Fernando Otero Díez
Thesis: Electrochemical Biosensors for DNA and NADH
Internal Supervisors: Prof. Edmond Magner / Prof. Tofail Syed

Dr Hui Zhang
Thesis: Synthesis of Colloidal Rods Shaped Nanocrystals and Their Application to Device and Light-matter Interaction
Internal Supervisor: Dr Ning Liu

Dr Hamid Hafizi
Thesis: Obtaining High Value-Added Chemicals Using Heterogeneous Catalytic Conversion of Biomass and Its Derivatives
Internal Supervisors: Prof. Maurice Collins / Prof. Gavin Walker

Dr Gearóid Mangan
Thesis: Advancements and Applications of (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy Simulations
Internal Supervisors: Dr Andy Stewart / Prof. Damien Thompson

We congratulate all the graduates on their achievements.