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Twelve UL scientists are featured on the list of top scientists for 2021, all of whom are based at UL’s Bernal Institute, they are:

Biology and Biochemistry Scientists category

Professor Richard J. FitzGerald, Department of Biological Sciences and Health Research Institute member at UL.

His scientific interests lie mostly in Hydrolysate, Biochemistry, Chromatography, Food science and Enzyme. The Hydrolysate study combines topics in areas such as Whey protein, Antioxidant, Peptide and Enzymatic hydrolysis (i.e., from dairy, plant, cereal, fish and algal sources).

Dr Daniel Granato, Associate Professor in Food Science and Health, Department of Biological Sciences in UL’s Faculty of Science and Engineering.

His main research concerns Food science, Antioxidant, Biotechnology, Principal component analysis and Probiotic. His work deals with themes such as Salt, Polyphenol and Sodium, which intersect with Food science.

He is also named on the Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers’ list, which recognises world class researchers selected for their exceptional research performance, demonstrated by the production of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field during the last decade.

Top Biology and Biochemistry Scientists

Top Chemistry Scientists in Ireland

Professor Mike Zaworotko Bernal Chair in Crystal Engineering, and Department of Chemical Sciences UL ranks number one in Ireland in the field of chemistry.  In 2021 Dr Z reached a h-index of 100.

His primary areas of investigation include Crystal engineering, Supramolecular chemistry, Nanotechnology, Crystallography and Stereochemistry. His Crystal engineering course of study focuses on Crystal and Crystal growth. His research integrates issues of Cocrystal, Hydrogen bond and Synthon in his study of Supramolecular chemistry.

Dr Z is ranked among the world’s top 1% of highly cited researchers (HCR), listed on the Clarivate Analytics HCR list, which identifies influential researchers as determined by their peers around the globe – those who have consistently won recognition in the form of high citation counts over a decade..

Professor Gavin Walker Bernal Chair of Pharmaceutical Powder Engineering and Department of Chemical Sciences.

His scientific interests lie mostly in Adsorption, Aqueous solution, Inorganic chemistry, Chemical engineering and Activated carbon.

His research concerns particle/powder technology, process modelling and pharmaceutical engineering.

Emeritus Professor Åke C. Rasmuson, Department of Chemical Sciences.  His scientific interests cover issues in Solubility, Crystallization, Nucleation, Acetone and Inorganic chemistry.

Top Chemistry Scientists

Top Engineering and Technology Scientists in Ireland

Professor Vivek Ranade

His research focus is on developing insights, innovations & intensified solutions for sustainable energy, water and chemicals. He uses computational flow modelling, hydrodynamic cavitation and MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified & continuous) processes to achieve this.

Professor Noel O’Dowd

His expertise is in computational modelling, focusing on mechanical behaviour of materials. This includes the development of material models and prediction of service behaviour of materials using finite-element analysis. He has experience in composite materials, Ni-base alloys and austenitic/ferritic steels for structural applications, particularly at high temperature, fracture mechanics, residual stress measurement and micromechanics, including fracture mechanics testing.

Dr Vasanth Kannuchamy

His research area focuses on gas storage, gas separations, carbon material synthesis, molecular modelling, crystal growth science, process analytical technology, purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in silico synthesis of porous materials and characterization, fuel cell catalysts, green carbons and waste water treatment.

Top Engineering and Technology Scientists

Top Materials Science Scientists in Ireland

Professor Paul Weaver, Bernal Chair of Composites and their Structures, and School of Engineering, ranks number one in Ireland in the field of Materials ScienceHe is an authority in the field of structural mechanics for composite materials, a pioneer in the emerging field of morphing composite structures, and an expert in the structural mechanics of buckling and postbuckling of optimised composite structures.

Top Materials Scientists

Top Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Scientists in Ireland

Professor Paul Weaver also ranks number one in Ireland in the field of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Science.

Professor Conor McCarthy, Centre Director for CONFRIM– Smart manufacturing, a national SFI research centre focused on Smart manufacturing technologies and Associate Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, UL.

His primary scientific interests are in Composite material, Joint, Bolted joint, Stress and Tension. His work is dedicated to discovering how Composite material, Crashworthiness are connected with Bending and other disciplines.

Emeritus Professor Michael A. McCarthy, School of Engineering.His scientific interests lie mostly in Composite material, Structural engineering, Lap joint, Bolted joint and Finite element method.

Top Mechanical and Aerospace Scientists

Top Neuroscience Scientists in Ireland

Dr George Barreto

His scientific interests lie mostly in Internal Medicine Disease, Neuroscience, Neuroprotection, Pathogenesis and Pharmacology.   His work is focused on addressing the signalling pathways affected by hormonal deprivation in the brain particularly during the menopause/andropause.

Top Neuroscience Scientists