Platform Bio-Economie is expanding its strategic ambition to become the leading partnership in the field of developing a sustainable, CO2 neutral society in which production chains are as circular and biobased as possible. To this end, Jos Keurentjes, with over 30 years of experience in developing technology, business and policy for circularity, innovation and business in the chemical sector, will take over the PBE Chairmanship from Luuk van der Wielen, the current chairman of the board, as of February 1, 2022.

Jos Keurentjes indicates “In the coming decades we will have to transition towards a raw material and energy supply without fossil sources. The carbon source of the future will be largely biobased.  Together we will have to initiate the necessary system transformation.”  Martijn Sinke will also be appointed Executive Director of PBE: “The development towards a sustainable, CO2 neutral and circular economy is necessary and inevitable. The government, academia and the business community are already taking steps to make the transition possible. I look forward to establishing partnerships with the Platform Bio-Economics between all parties and sectors involved in order to accelerate the transition from fossil to circular & biobased in the Netherlands where possible.”

Luuk van der Wielen will be responsible for shaping the academic side of PBE as Vice President Research Development & Innovation. ”I look forward to working with Jos and Martijn. This further accelerates and strengthens the implementation of PBE’s vision that energetic and materials use of sustainable bio-based raw materials and other renewables are indispensable in the transition to an affordable, reliable, CO2-neutral and circular economy.”

The development of a concrete investment agenda remains central, flanked by a quantitative macroeconomic and climate impact assessment and proactive communication aimed at supporting green economic recovery in the Netherlands now that the pandemic is further under control.

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