Opportunities for Composites in Wind Energy for Ireland

The IComp Network Seminar series was launched in April 2021 to examine the future possibilities for composites-based innovation and applications for sustainable economic (post-pandemic) development in Ireland and abroad, and also to develop a national Irish composites plan.  Speakers are selected from academia and industry because of their expertise and experience.

Bernal Chair of Composite Materials and Science Foundation Ireland Research Professor, Paul Weaver hosted the first seminar on April 21, which focused on Opportunities for Composites in Wind Energy for Ireland.  Discussions included niche opportunities for Ireland in onshore and offshore wind energy, game changing technologies, innovative materials for turbine blades, and blade recyclability.

The seminar explored challenges in moving towards more renewable energies such as cost reduction of thermo plastics, decommissioning and recycling existing blades, ornithology and financial supports to commercialise research.

Watch the recording of the seminar here