The Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL) announced the launch of UL Talks 2020 on Monday 27 April.  UL Talks are short video lectures delivered by UL teachers on themes, issues, ideas and subjects that they are passionate about.  This year three Bernal academic members Prof. Harry van den Akker, Prof. Ursel Bangert,  Dr Andy Stewart and Post-Doctoral Researcher Dr Jennifer Cookman shared their passion for research in short video lectures as follows;-

Bernal Chair of Microscopy and Imaging, Ursel Bangert, and Dr Jennifer Cookman,  described how the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) makes it possible to observe atoms on the scale of several tenths of billions of a millimeter. Click here to watch

Bernal Physicist Dr Andy Stewart described Quantum Physics in plain English making it easy for everyone to understand. Click here to watch

Bernal Chair of Fluid Mechanics, Professor Harry van den Akker used some movie clips to explain why he is “FASCINATED BY FLOWS” Click here to watch