Congratulations to all the Students graduating this week from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Limerick.

14 of these new graduates are Materials Scientists and Engineers that have been carrying out reserach at the Bernal Institute into the design and manufacture of structured materials to meet global challenges in the areas of health, energy and the environment.  They are listed as follows;

PhD Students and Supervisor(s), Thesis

Sheri Hayes, Patrick Kiely

“Elucidating the Molecular Mechanisms by which the Alpha Catalytic Subunit of Protein Kinase A Regulates the Progression of Colorectal Cancer”.

Gustavo Coelho Rezende  David Newport,  “Microfabricated Modular Photoionization Detector for Volatile Organic Compounds”.

Ciaran Conway, Jeff Punch,  “Geometrical Influences on the Fluid Mechanics of Oscillating Cantilevers”.

Elisa di Carlo, Ronan Courtney,  “Bioassays for Assessing Bauxite Residue Rehabilitaion Strategies”.

Kelly Dwyer, Gary Walsh,

“A Study of Selected Xylanolytic and Chitinolytic Enzymes from Rasamsonia emersonii, and their Potential Application in the Valorisation of Mushroom-production Waste Streams”.

Leila Keshavarz, Patrick Frawley  “The Importance of Impurity on Pharmaceutical Processes”.

Sulaiman Khan, David Newport  “Optical Gas Detection Techniques for Air-Borne VOCs”.

Aisling Lynch, Ake Rasmuson,  “Crystal Growth Kinetics of Salicylamide and Two Polymorphs of Piracetam”.

Andres Molina Osorio, Micheal Scanlon & Kevin M. Ryan

“Self – assembly and photo – electrochemistry of Metalloporphyrin Nanostructures  at the Interface Between two Immiscible Liquids”.

Caroline Murphy, Maurice Collins

“Tissue Engineered Biomimetic Knee Meniscal Implant: Replicating the Internal Structure and Composition of the Native Tissue”.

Huan Ren Kevin M. Ryan & Emmet O’Reilly

“Synthesis, Characterization and Structural Identification of Multi-Elemental Chalcogenide Polytypic Nanocrystals”.

Aoife Ryan, JJ Leahy & Witold Kwapinski

“Investigation of a Novel Electromagnetic Mixing Device to Overcome  Mass Transfer Resistance in Condensed Phase Chemical Reactions”.

Shaza Darwish, Gavin Walker & Denise Croker,  “Mechanochemical Synthesis of Cocrystals and Metal Organic Materials”.

Mustafa Yousuf Patrick Frawley, “Quantitative Approach between Secondary Nucleation and Mixing Hydrodynamics in Solution Crystallization

System: Process Development and Scale-up”.

Ahmad Ziaee, Emmet O’Reilly & Gavin Walker

“Spray Drying of Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals: Experimental Optimization of Process and Formulation”.

Masters Students and Supervisor(s), Thesis

Saikat Bhowmick, Ronan Courtney,

“Constructed Wetlands for Threating Alkaline Leachate: Potential for Long-term Application”.

Saikat Bhowmick, Kevin M. Ryan, “Ordered Layers of Nanocrystals through EPD”.

Noel Purcell, Fernando Rhen, “Novel Gas Sensors”

Shannon Slattery, Tony Pembroke & Michael P. Ryan,

“Isolation, Nucleotide Sequencing and Genomic Comparison of a Novel Irish ICE from Wastewater”.