Pictured above are (left) Dr Shayon Bhattacharya & Supervisor Dr Damien Thompson, (right), Dean of Science & Engineering Prof. Edmond Magner & Dr Gayathri Kollamaram.

Pictured on the home page are Dr Rana Sanni & Supervisors Prof. Kieran Hodnet (left), Prof. Mike Zaworotko(right).

More than 3,400 students graduated from University of Limerick at the August 2019 conferrings

1,000 students graduated from the faculty of Science and Engineering 27 received Doctoral Degrees

15 of these wonderful scientists are researchers at the Bernal Institute, University of Limerick, they are:

  1. Shayon Bhattacharya,supervised by Damien Thompson, Thesis title: Deciphering the Molecular Signatures of Neurodegeneration by Predictive Computational Modelling.
  1. Michael Collins, supervised by Dr Tara Dalton, Thesis title: Development of a Laminar Shear Apparatus for Characterising the Shear-Mitigating Effect(s) of Bovine Serum Albumin in Mammalian Cell Suspension Culture
  1. Patricia Cusack, supervised by Ronan Courtney, Thesis title: An Investigation into the General Characterisation of Bauxite Residue and Its Potential for Use as a Low-cost Absorbent for the Removal and Re-use of Phosphorus from Forest Run-off and an Agricultural Wastewater
  1. Anushree Dwivedi, supervised by Dr Pat Kiely & Dr David Hoey (Trinity College), Thesis title: Identification of Key Factors and Genes Involved in Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Bone and Development of Scaffolds Incorporating Germanium Nanowires for Biological Applications
  1. Claire Heffernan, supervised by Dr Ake Rasmuson & Prof. Kieran Hodnett, Thesis title: An Investigation into the Effect of Impurities on the Crystallization of Curcumin
  1. Seamus Hickey, supervised by Prof Jeff Punch, Thesis title: On the Development of a Contactless Thermal Characterisation Technique for Micro-scale Thermoelectric Modules (mTEMs)
  1. Derek Higgins, supervised by Dr Ronan Courtney & Dr Teresa Curtin Thesis title: The Potential for Constructed Wetlands to Treat Alkaline Bauxite Residue Leachate
  1. Brian Hogan, supervised by Dr Patrick Frawley, Thesis title: Impact of Fluid Shear on Particle Size Distribution of Batch Crystallization Processes in Stirred Vessels
  1. Michael Kelleher, supervised by Prof. Mark Davies & Dr Finola Cliffe, Thesis title: A Scalable Microfluidic Technology for Combinatorial Drug Discovery
  1. Sylvia Murphy, supervised by Dr Pat Kiely & Dr Brian Carson, Thesis title: A Cell Based Bioassay to Study Skeletal Muscle Cell Growth and Behaviour
  1. Guang Ren, supervised by Dr Maurice Collins, Thesis title: On the Development of A Novel Micro-alloyed Low Temperature Sn-8Zn-3Bi-based Solder Alloy

12.Rana Sanii, supervised by Prof. Michael Zaworotko, Thesis title: Solid State Synthesis of New Molecules and Their Use for Crystal Engineering

  1. Mohana Shivanna, supervised by Prof. Michael Zaworotko, Thesis title: Crystal Engineering of Flexible Metal Organic Materials
  1. Rory Tyrrell, supervised by Dr Patrick Frawley, Thesis title: A Mechanistic Model for Particle Breakage within Agitated Crystallization Systems


Gemma O’Connor, supervised by Dr Ronan Courtney, Thesis title: Constructed Wetlands for Threating Alkaline Leachate: Potential for Long-term Application