It is very often taken as fact that man-made climate change will be harmful to human wealth and well-being. That is the approach taken here. lt is simply too much of a risk to try it and see. Next, it is assumed that for it to be solved will largely require engineering innovation. A very major source of global atmospheric CO2 are the very many, and growing number of, fossil fuel burning power stations. Ultimately nuclear power will solve this, but is not yet cost competitive. For the medium term we need to capture the CO2 from power stations and store it securely. Large, naturally occuring salt water aquifiers will hold more than 150 years of man-made CO2. The Allam Cycle is currently being prototype tested in Texas. lt generates price-competitive electricity, is potentially fast and cheap to build and produces near pure CO2 in a pipeline for storage or use. lf all fossil fuel burning power stations are replaced by Allam Cycles worldwide, as they become out of date, the current climate change crisis will be solved.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxUniversityofLimerick, an independent event.