On May 23rd UL presented an honorary doctorate to Professor Robert Langer, creator of a life saving method of drug delivery.  Sometimes referred to as a “pharmacy on a chip”, this ingenious system for controlling drug release was the first to use biodegradable polymers to implant medicines within the body; as the polymers broke down, the medicines were released exactly where and when they were needed.  Using ultrasound, electric pulses and magnetic fields, Langer refined the method so that implanted drugs can be released over a period of weeks, or even months. It is estimated that Robert Langer’s research and inventions have improved the lives of 4.7 billion people.  Professor Langer officially opened the Bernal Bio Laboratories during his visit and he commented that “these new laboratories present a great opportunity for UL researchers to continue their cutting-edge work in the areas of bioengineering and bioprocessing in a state-of-the-art environment”.

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