At the recent J&J EMEA Engineering showcase event, which  took place on May 4th at Thomond Park Stadium, Bernal Researchers, Dr. Feng Xue and Dr. Patrick Cronin, received awards for their work.

Feng, a  postdoctoral researcher with Professor Gavin Walker, presented on the topic of “Modelling fluid dynamics of low/high concentration IgG1 solutions – EI”

With the ever-growing prevalence of biopharmaceutical products, research on the topic of shear-induced protein degradation can be rooted back to decades ago, beginning with investigations of possible denaturation of biomolecules during processing, whilst more recent concerns echoed on the quality of therapeutic proteins that might be affected by shear stress during manufacturing. In this study, it is aimed to provide a deeper insight into the physical environment under which biopharmaceuticals are subjected when submerged in fluid flow during key events in biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, including pumping, filtration, filling and mixing, using computational modelling as a primary tool.

Patrick Cronin,  also a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Gavin Walker, presented on the topic of “MOMEnTUM P1 & P2”.
MOMEnTUM (Modelling of Multi-Phase Transport Processes to Enable Automation in Manufacturing) is a unique collaboration of multidisciplinary skillsets and experience to advance fundamental understandings of modelling techniques for integration into continuous manufacturing processes.

P1 & P2 are focused on dry compaction techniques of difficult to work with API and loadings supplied by Johnson & Johnson. Material characteristics combined with the mechanical properties of these API have been utilised to identify critical parameters capable of controlling process scalability from laboratory through to integration at the manufacturing level.
MOMEnTUM is a SSPC spokes project co-funded by SFI, J&J (ACoE) and Rusal.