The Bernal Institute hosts a multidisciplinary team of world-leading materials scientists and engineers at UL. Bernal represents a €100m+ investment in world-class characterisation, modelling and manufacturing facilities concentrated in 20,000 m of high quality research space.

Bernal research focuses on the synthesis (making), characterisation (measuring) and design (inventing) of nano, meso and macro structured materials. 

Our Vision is to become the leading international research institute for the scientific design and manufacture of structured materials to meet global challenges, particularly in the areas of health, energy and the environment.

Our Mission is to develop disruptive technologies related to Health, Energy and Environment that will create a legacy of scientific achievement in structured materials research that benefits future generations.

Bernal’s four research clusters are:

  • Molecular & Nano Materials (MOL)
  • Bio Materials (BIO)
  • Composite Materials (Composites)
  • Process Engineering (PROC)

Bernal Podcasts

    Understanding infertility

    Newstalk radio presenter Jonathan McCrea, talks to Reproductive Biology expert Dr Sean Fair about infertility; why poor sperm quality is a factor and a new technology to help IVF.

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      Futureproof Extra:

      Prof. Damien Thompson discuses a new Molecule that will be used for next-generation computers modelled on the human brain.

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