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Research Participants Needed

University of Limerick’s Cellular Neurobiology & Neuro-Nanotechnology lab has launched a nationwide study to investigate EFFECTS OF NUTRITIONAL PROFILES ON PREGNANCY. We are recruiting females in Ireland with one or more children, [...]

Progress in Materials Science Publication

A recent paper on the potential of hyaluronic acid as a immunoprotective and immunomodulatory material has been published in Progress in Materials Science impact factor 31.14.  The paper was led by Maurice N Collins and Fernanda Zamboni of the [...]

Getting to know our Profs

Want to know a professor’s worst nightmare? Well then check out the profile of Prof. Michael Zaworotko, Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering, and author of more than 10 articles in Angewandte Chemie, where [...]

Future Landscape of Dairy Processing Information Day

Future Landscape of Dairy Processing Information Day took place at the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise on 23 May .  The event was a first step in the process that will ultimately identify themes and [...]

Bernal winner at IoP 3 Minute Wonder Grand Final

Congratulations to Bernal PhD student Eileen Courtney on winning both the audience favourite and runner-up prizes at the IoP's 3 Minute Wonder Grand Final (3MW) at the Royal Institution, London. 3MW challenges researchers to explain their [...]