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Research at Bernal Institute

Bernal Institute of the University of Limerick was established in November 2016 to promote research excellence, and stimulate Irish and global communities in the key domain of Material Science and Technology.  Bernal Institute aspires to “Advancing Materials” to the next level, pushing boundaries of understanding, of science, of engineering and of applications.

Functional Advanced Materials play a key role in modern society.  

The Institute’s approach to “Advancing Materials” is inspired by nature, a great example being that of the spider.  In the manufacture of spider silk, the spider processes the building blocks, stores them in environmentally appropriate conditions, and processes them with tailored coatings, to produce high performance composite fibre-bundles, which are then woven into specific geometric designs for functional web systems for a given purpose.

In a similar way, Bernal Institute is focused on fundamentally understanding how processing and design (‘engineering’) affects materials properties especially related to molecular composition, (nano-scale and beyond) structures and performance.  By this, Bernal Institute targets “Advancing Materials” to the next level of understanding, so that they can be manufactured into functional devices that deliver global and societal impact.

The central Science and Engineering Domains in Bernal Institute are identified as:

Advanced Materials

Including Pharma and other molecular, single phase materials;
Composite Materials & Structures;
Bio (medical) Materials;
Materials in Energy & Environment;
Materials for Electronics

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Process Engineering

Including processing materials and their building blocks, with specific expertise in Fluids Processing, Solids Processing and Integrated Process Development

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Advanced Manufacturing

Building a Bridge to Advanced Manufacturing with actual manufacturing technology development in partner organisations as well as industry partners.

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