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Office: MSB-016

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Robbie O’Connell

Robbie is an Engineering-Scientist with a track record in material science research, instrumentation engineering and high-tech client management, in the field electron and ion microscopy.

He is a UL graduate (B. Tech Electronic Systems) with 13 years experience in the semiconductor industry. He has worked as a service engineer and service account manager for FEI in Ireland. He completed his PhD in 2018 (TCD), studying charged particle induced contamination and quantity its effects on sub-nanometre imaging.

In 2017, he began working as the Bernal Institute instrument scientist for electron microscopy. Primarily focusing on postgraduate education, his goals are to develop microscope “super-users” and enable the seamless integration of the institutes complimentary ultra-microscopy techniques of SEM, TEM, FIB and AFM.