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Bio Materials

The Bio Materials Research Cluster

The Bio Materials Research Cluster consists of a multi-disciplinary team of experts in Bio-Science & Engineering. The high-quality, and cutting-edge research within the cluster is dedicated to structured biological materials, ranging from macromolecules to cells and tissues. Using state-of-the-art equipment and disruptive technologies, the research is geared towards the development of bioactive materials and medical devices to address the UN Grand Challenges and enhance the wellbeing and health of today’s society.

The research interest of the cluster is multifaceted with a major focus on: (i) modelling, design and synthesis of innovative biomaterials and systems with the aim of developing in vitro mimetic models of disease (ii) developing high resolution imaging and characterisation tools and (iii) exploring functional polymers with a defined therapeutic action for the development of new eluting systems for compounds, which can be applied to bioactive coatings for medical devices.  Additionally, within the biological molecule characterisation and processing suite, our cluster investigates and implements novel processes for the production and study of biological macromolecules.

The Bio Materials Cluster endeavours to carry out dynamic research activities with a dedicated effort to produce high impact scientific publications, patents and know-how developments, as well as leading competitive projects funded by both National and European agencies and industrial partners.

The Bio Materials Cluster is member of the national research centres SSPC and CURAM. It also plays a leading role within the European Materials Characterisation Council.

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