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Dr Irene Fernandez Villegas, Delft University of Technology

Tuesday, 26 March at 12h00

Bernal Seminar by Dr Irene Fernandez Villegas, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands PRESENTATION TITLE Ultrasonic Welding of Thermoplastic Composite Structures: Past, Present and Future  ABSTRACT Ultrasonic welding is a very interesting technique for the assembling of thermoplastic composite structures which offers very high production rates, low energy consumption and suitability for in situ process monitoring. Extensive research has been...

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ISE 2019 – 17TH International Symposium on Electrets

2-6 September, 2019, University of Limerick

The International Symposium on Electrets (ISE) will take place at the University of Limerick from 2-6 September 2019.  ISE is the premier conference for the IEEE on electrets and is sponsored by the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society. This is a unique meeting opportunity for scientists and engineers from all over the world working in the field of electrical engineering, manufacturing and process engineering, materials science and engineering, condensed matter physics and chem...

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Bernal Seminar by Professor Paul J. Low, University of Western Australia

Tuesday, 26 February, 12h00, MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension

Metal Complexes and Moore ABSTRACT As component dimensions decrease in response to ‘Moore’s Law’ there is an unavoidable point at which the essential ‘band’ properties of the solid state gives way to discrete molecular orbital levels, and quantum tunneling through these nm-sized features results in a loss in electronic function. To this end, increasing attention is being turned to the potential roles that molecules may play as active components in electronic device structures, giving...

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Professor Ian Lane Senior Expert Composite Analysis, Airbus

Wednesday, 10 February 2019, 10h00, AD2-010 Analog Devices Building

PRESENTATION TITLE Challenges of Composite Airplane Building Abstract: The Wing of Tomorrow Programme is defining the technology and capability baselines for future composite wings for Airbus. The programme builds on the successful evolution and introduction of composite structures in Airbus aircraft which has enabled the over 53% use of non-metallic materials in the iconic long range A350WXB family of ultra-modern jet liners. The programme addresses future challenges via innovative tech...

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Bernal Seminar by Professor Miguel Rodrigues, IST, University of Lisbon

Thursday, 21 February 2019, 12h00 MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension

PRESENTATION TITLE Engineering the Cold Side of Biotherapeutics ABSTRACT Decreasing temperature is generally expected to decrease degradation kinetics. The complexity, however, of biological products (as proteins or cells) associated with multiple intricate phenomena that are triggered by cooling, often brings unanticipated results. For example, when a solution is freezing, the growth of the ice crystals causes all the solutes to concentrate, typically by one or two orders of magnitude. This ...

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Bernal Seminar by Professor Gianluca Cicala University of Catania Italy

Wednesday, 6 February 2019, 12h00, MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension

PRESENTATION TITLE Engineering Polymers for Additive Manufacturing:  From Laboratory to Industrial Applications ABSTRACT The widespread diffusion of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies combined with the desire to tailor material properties gave rise to an increasing number of research projects focusing on new material development for AM. Two of the widely used techniques at desktop level are the Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and the Digital Light Projector (DLP). However, the c...

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Electron Microscopy Forum

Wednesday 06 February 2019, MSG-024, MSSI Building

All users of Electron Microscopy are strongly advised to attend. The tenor of the EM Forum is “what can you get from EM”, and the general purpose is to disseminate information and updates about the status and procedures concerning the EMs, and to provide a platform for discussions as well as enable users to establish connections within the UL EM user community, including experts in the respective fields. The Forum will include ‘question time’, and people are encouraged to present pr...

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Bernal Seminar by Dr Barbara Schoepp-Cothenet, Bioenergetics and Protein Engineering Laboratory, CNRS, France

Thursday, 13 December 2018, 10h00, MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension

PRESENTATION BY Dr Barbara Schoepp-Cothenet Bioenergetics and Protein Engineering Laboratory, CNRS, France PRESENTATION TITLE Using Phylogenetics in Studying Bioenergetic Metalloenzymes ABSTRACT One of the most exciting questions addressed by fundamental research is to elucidate the evolutionary history of Bioenergetics. Phylogenetics is one of the most powerful approaches to answer this issue. This approach heavily relies on the reliability of reconstructed phylogenetic trees which ar...

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Bernal Seminar by Dr Mikhail V. Kurushkin, ITMO University,Russia

Monday, 10 December 2018 10h00, MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension

PRESENTATION BY Dr Mikhail V. Kurushkin ITMO University, Russia PRESENTATION TITLE 32-column Periodic Table and Left-step Periodic Table United ABSTRACT The pursuit of optimal representation of the Periodic Table has been a central topic of interest for chemists, physicists, philosophers and historians of science for decades (Leigh, 2009; Scerri, 2009). Should the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements first and foremost serve the needs of chemists as implied by its name? Or should it st...

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